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How I work

I Help Small Business Owners grow their Online Presence and make more money

Seo Content writing is my passion and I absolutely love it when clients go out of their way to compliment the work we do together. When I get an email saying something like “we’ve seen a huge increase in traffic” or “because of your work our sales figures have gone up by 20%” then I know that we’ve done a great job!

I am a Final Year student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at Canara Engineering College. I am an aspiring writer who is always ready to work on new writing projects and to meet new people and learn new things. I find the idea of positively impacting the world gratifying through my content creation efforts.

I also worked as a freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork. However, it wasn’t until I began writing content that I felt true passion for my work. You see, I had tried my hand at many different gigs as a freelancer but it was only when I started writing content that things started to click for me and I discovered what my true calling was.

♦ I am the host of Keep Me Inspired, a podcast that has been heard over 1,000 times by people in 25 different countries.
♦ I host two channels on YouTube. I run both of these channels and produce my own videos for them and have more than 35,000 views total. I play a variety of roles/personas within my video content. Some videos focus on career advice while others focus on lifestyle vlogs, education, motivation, and much more.
♦I’m an author of two books called Journey Made Awesome and The Great Indian Kings. There are over 100 buyers who have purchased my books.

I’ve worked with more than 200 brands to formulate their strategies for blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram content. In addition to developing these plans, I began creating professional videos and running ad campaigns for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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